Our Story

Upon announcing our arrival in Colchester, many people have questioned where our name comes from, whilst others have got a tad closer in assuming the "I'm sure i recognise that from somewhere" face. If you're from Colchester, or paid any attention at all in primary school history class, you should know Boadicea as the famous queen warrior who hailed from the town and led a rebellion against the romans here way back in ADM She's also recognised as one of Colchester's most famous products, alongside Dermot O'Leary and the Zoo.

Located just a stone’s throw from the river on King Edwards quay, Boadicea Bar & Restaurant boasts an extensive drinks menu and delicious fresh food, set amongst a large rustic bar area with exposed brickwork & large heated outdoor terrace. Combining Colchester’s historic past with modern, eclectic tastes, Boadicea is a destination venue for people of all ages & interests. Boadicea serves food daily from breakfast and by night plays host to a variety of events inclusive of tastings, master classes, food shows, club events & live music.

Whilst we're not planning on over-throwing the government or sacking any towns, we're all for rousing emotion and changing the status quo. With a name steeped in local history and known for such outstanding achievements, we hope to do it proud, providing an experience for people from all over the county and beyond to enjoy, whilst staying true to our roots here in Colchester.

Our Team

Boadecia is steeped in tradition, crafted from heritage etc. etc. etc.
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Dietary requests can be taken in to consideration please call the restaurant if you have any specific requests.